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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration

1. What are the age limits for players?
  • We have teams for children from age 4 though ninth grade. The age and grade limits apply as of opening day for the season in question.

2. How much does it cost?
  • The registration fee is $40 per player up to three in a family. Fourth and up are free. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) or mail-in check.
  • As an incentive for parents to volunteer to be head coaches we offer free registration for the first child in the family. This does not apply to assistant coaches.
  • Each player must also have an official CSC reversible jersey.  These cost $15 and may be used for multiple seasons. Used jerseys, if available, are $5. We accept cash or check for jersey sales. Purchase at the Diamond Sports Center on game days or during one of our pre-season drive-thru jersey sales events.

3. Do you offer any financial aid?
  • We offer free registrations and jerseys for families encountering financial hardship. Please contact any member of the board for further information.

4. My child doesn't want to play any more. Can I get my money back?
  • Generally, no. Most of our expenses are fixed by the beginning of the season, so our policy is to not provide any refunds as of opening day.
  • If your child withdraws before the start of the season, see our refund policy.
  • However, we understand that there may be circumstances that prevent a child from playing, like an injury or illness. Contact any board member if you'd like to discuss your particular situation.

5. Can I get my child's team assignment changed?
  • We try very hard to honor requests for players to be placed on a team with a friend or neighbor, as long as the request is written on the registration form and is received prior to the Registration Deadline.
  • However, once the teams are set up we will only change a roster assignment if in the Board's judgment a change is necessary to ensure the success of the team or the club, such as an inadequate or excessive number of players on a team.

6. It's almost time for the season to start and I haven't heard from my child's coach yet. What should I do?
  • You may send an email to us and we'll get back to you right away.  You may also try calling a friend or teammate. They may know the practice schedule.
  • Also, all match and practice schedules are posted on this web site under the TEAMS tab.

7. My child wants to play on a friend's team. Can this be done?
  • It sure can! Just indicate your preference on the registration form in the teammate request box. We almost always honor these types of requests (if received prior to the Registration Deadline) unless there are too many players on the team already or if there is a skill level imbalance that we need to correct.
  • Please note: we cannot honor requests to be placed on a particular coach's team because coaches occasionally resign or change teams at the last minute.

8. If my request is not honored, will I be notified?
  • CSC takes pride in our tradition of allowing for teammate requests.  Many sports leagues refuse such requests altogether to avoid the hassle.  Because there are hundreds of players in the club each season, we regret that we cannot notify you in the event that your request is not honored.
  • We suggest when registering that you:
    • make sure that the teammate you are requesting is also planning to register for that season
    • make sure that you both register by the deadline
    • make sure that they request you too!

9. I have one child in the 4th grade and one in the 5th grade. Is there any way they can play on the same team?
  • Yes, but only by having the 4th grader "play up", which is to say that he must be placed on a 5 & 6 Grade team with his 5th grade sibling. Please indicate your request on the registration form.
  • It is generally not advisable to play up more than one grade; so, for example, don't ask for a third grader to be placed on a Grade 5/6 team.

10. How are teams put together?
  • Teams are generally put together based on teammate requests first; then we try hard to balance by age and gender.
  • We do not necessarily keep teams together from season-to-season. The best way to stay together is by requesting teammates.

10. What's the cancellation insurance all about?
  • This is an optional fee paid to a third party insurer. CSC receives no benefit from this fee.
  • It is recommended NOT to accept this option as CSC will make good any refunds due to players for legitimate reasons such as what we had to do for the season canceled due to the virus.

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