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Frequently Asked Questions - Board

1. What are the responsibilities of board members?
  • See the Board page for a list of the positions on the Board.
  • In addition to the responsibilities implied by the position title, each board member is expected to attend two or three meetings per year for planning, plus participate as much as possible on Saturday morning game days.
  • Each board member is also assigned one or more coordinator positions, such as Referee Coordinator, Grade 1&2 Division Coordinator, etc.

2. Are Board members paid?
  • All Board members are unpaid volunteers.

3. How do I get a question or issue to be addressed by the Board?
  • The best approach is to contact a board member on a Saturday game day.
  • You may also submit comments in writing either by email or to our mailing address (CSC, PO Box 22, Middlebranch, OH 44652).

4. I am interested in serving on the board. What should I do?
  • We generally select board members from among interested parents and coaches. Commitment to youth soccer and a willingness to be part of a volunteer team are the only pre-requisites. Indicate your interest on the registration form, or call or email us. If there is an opening we will talk to you about the position. All new board members are subject to approval by the current board.

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