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Player's Uniforms

The player's uniform consists of:

  • the blue or gold official CSC jersey (or reversible jersey, if available)
  • comfortable shorts or sweats
  • shin guards
  • soccer socks covering the shin guards
  • soccer shoes with molded rubber cleats or other suitable athletic shoes

See below for information on purchasing the CSC reversible jersey from the club.  All other uniform items may be purchased at local department or sporting goods stores. There are no CSC rules regarding colors or styles.

Guidelines regarding soccer shoes

Running shoes or tennis shoes are acceptable, although the player may be at a disadvantage without the additional traction provided by soccer cleats. Football and baseball shoes are unacceptable and not permitted.

Guidelines regarding jewelry

Soccer rules are becoming increasingly strict regarding wearing of jewelry and other items that could pose a danger to the player or others on the playing field. Therefore, it is the policy of the Community Soccer Club to allow no jewelry whatsoever. The only exception to this is that players who have recently received ear piercings who cannot remove the stud must cover the ear lobe with a band-aid or piece of adhesive tape.

Guidelines regarding casts

An arm cast can become an inadvertent weapon during the course of normal play. We are therefore very cautious about allowing players to participate while wearing a cast. As a minimum, a player with a cast must have a note signed by a doctor that s/he is permitted to participate in contact sports. Also, the cast must be well padded with at least 1 inch of foam rubber or comparable material covering all hard surfaces.  Ultimately, since the referee has the responsibility to ensure the safety of players, he or she will have sole discretion regarding permission of the player to enter the field of play.

CSC reversible jerseys

CSC jerseys are available for purchase on game days at the Diamond Sports Complex.  We also generally have a "drive-thru" jersey purchase event on the Friday evening before opening day. The price for a new jersey is $15.  Used jerseys are $5, if available. 

A word on jersey size

We stock jerseys in youth extra-small, small, medium, and large, and adult small, medium, large, and extra large. We recommend getting the jersey a bit on the large side for two reasons:
  • the jerseys last a long time and the children need room to grow;
  • in cold weather they may want to wear a sweatshirt or coat and there must be room to wear this under the jersey.

Used jersey exchange

Take advantage of our jersey exchange program.  Bring in a clean jersey in good condition and get $5 off the purchase of a new one; or, trade in your used jersey for another used one of larger size at no cost.  You may donate clean, used jerseys in good condition at any time.

Used shoe exchange

Occasionally we receive donations of used soccer shoes and other equipment like socks and shin guards. These are kept in a box at the Diamond Sports Complex. All items are available free of charge so come see what we have if your child has a need. 
Looking sharp on the field of play is important for self esteem and team spirit. Here's one of our young star players modeling proper kit.

Player's Uniform

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