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Frequently Asked Questions - Coaches

1. How are coaches selected?
  • The majority of our coaches are volunteer parents. If you are interested in helping to coach, we can almost always find a spot for you. No experience is necessary. Just indicate your interest on the registration form or call or email the club.
  • As an extra incentive and in appreciation for parents or others volunteering to be head coaches, we offer free registration for the first child in the family.

2. How do I sign up to be a Head Coach or Assistant Coach?
  • When registering your children you will be presented with the Volunteer Page which gives you the option of volunteering to coach. Select Head Coach or Assistant Coach and complete the information requested on the form. Make sure you indicate the child's name you wish to coach, especially if it is not your own child.
  • To become a coach after your child is registered, or if just want to be a coach without having your child playing, you need to log in to your account (or create one if you don't already have one), select the Volunteer tab over at the left, and proceed as outlined above. There is no cost to create an account.
  • Unless you specifically want to coach two teams, we request that you not register for more than one Division. If you have two children playing in different Divisions and are willing to coach one of them where most needed (but not both), send us an email for instructions on how to proceed.

3. Do you offer any coaches training?
  • We try to have a free coaching clinic before the start of each season. Check the Calendar page for schedule information.
  • We have a limited number of paperback guide books titled "Making Youth Soccer Fun" -- one is for Ages 4-8 (suitable for the Pre-K / K and Grade 1&2 divisions) and the other is for Ages 8-10 (suitable for Grade 3&4 and Grade 5&6). Coaches may borrow these for as long as they need them but we request they be returned at the end of the season.
  • Finally, we recommend an excellent web-based resource called "", which offers advice and guidance on practice sessions, formations, game strategies, team management, and much more.

4. I don't like the way my child is being coached. What should I do?
  • Every coach has a different style or approach to coaching. It is almost always best to discuss your concerns with the coach first. Also, try offering your support by helping out at practice.
  • Finally, if your attempts to resolve the situation have not worked, please contact one of the board members. We'll do our best to find a workable solution.

5. I signed up to be a coach.  Am I guaranteed a spot?  Also, will I hear one way or another if I am to be assigned a team?
  • Head coaches are assigned by the club based on the number of teams in each division.  Occasionally, all teams will have coaches already assigned so there are no open spots.  In such a case we would attempt to make you an assistant coach or co-coach.
  • The club will contact all those who have volunteered to coach to inform them of their team assignment or if there are no teams available.

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