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Frequently Asked Questions - Other Topics

1. I didn't get my pictures. Who should I call?
  • Team pictures are mailed out or distributed during your games 3 or 4 weeks after picture day.
  • If you came to pick up your pictures and the club did not have them, or if there was a problem with the pictures, please call the photographer directly.  The club does not take any responsibility for errors or omissions on team or individual photographs.

2. My child wants to become a referee. Do you offer any training?
  • No. Referee training is available from the local Soccer Referee Association. Visit the REFEREES tab on the home page for more information.

3. I think my child is ready for more competitive soccer. What are the alternatives?
  • Many children will progress in their soccer skills to the point where they want more than a recreational program. Travel soccer may be for you.
  • Check out our Links page for other clubs in the area that may sponsor travel teams.

4. How do I go about getting a CSC jersey for my child?
  • Reversible blue and gold CSC jerseys are available for sale on game days at Diamond Sports Center, or during one of our pre-season drive-thru jersey sales events.
  • In some cases the reversible jersey is not available so we will furnish one jersey of each color for no extra charge.
  • On game days, come 30 minutes before the start of your game to purchase your jersey. Price is $15.00 each, cash or check. In a pinch, we'll take an IOU.
  • We also have a limited supply of used jerseys for $5.00 each. If you bring in a clean, used jersey in good condition you get $5 off a new one, or receive another used one of a larger size for no charge.
  • Click here for a description and photograph of a properly-attired Community Soccer player.

5. How can I register for winter indoor soccer at the Diamond Community Center?
  • Winter indoor soccer is sponsored by the Plain Township Parks and Recreation department, not Community Soccer. Registration is normally held in early to mid October at the Diamond Community Center. Call 330-492-4689 for more information.

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