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Goal Scoring Policy

In an attempt to insure the enjoyment of the game by all players and fans, while not unduly reducing playing time for the players, the following policy will apply to help control excessive goal differentials between teams:


In the event one team achieves an advantage over its opponent by:

  • 4 goals - coach will move the scoring player(s) to the defensive end;
  • 5 goals - all future shots must be taken from outside the penalty area (18 yard box);
  • 6 goals - scoring players will be subbed out for 10 minutes or the remainder of the period, whichever is less.


Coaches are expected to cooperate with the spirit of this rule by adjusting positioning and skill levels of the players on the field to maintain, to the extent practical, parity between teams. This may include teams trading players for a period or two to even out the competition.

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