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Frequently Asked Questions - Games

1. What happens if it rains?
  • Games are played during inclement weather as long as lightning is not present. The best policy if in doubt is to come on out to the fields and find your coach. Storms generally pass quickly so it is best to wait and see what happens. If lightning is sighted, ALL FIELDS ARE TO BE EVACUATED IMMEDIATELY.  Coaches and referees are to come to the building for instructions.
  • However, please note that storm delays are taken with the clock running; no time is added beyond the regularly scheduled completion time.
  • Also, games curtailed or cancelled due to weather are not made up.

2. I think the referee made an improper call. What should I do?
  • The first thing you should NOT do is yell at the referee and explain how the play should have been called. This kind of behavior is not productive and will not help the situation.
  • The best thing you can do is go to the coach at half time or after the game (don't bother him during the game) and ask about the call. If you both agree it was questionable, please come up to the building and discuss it with one of the board members.

3. We're ready to play but are shorthanded. Can we have another player fill in just for this one game?
  • You may have non-rostered players fill in for a game in which you find yourself shorthanded under the following conditions:
    • The player must be currently registered in the Community Soccer Club.
    • The player must be of the same or younger grade level.
    • The coach must be careful not to favor the fill-in player by giving him/her more playing time than his regular rostered players

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